Cemetery Information

St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish is associated with two cemeteries in Danvers, MA: 


St Mary's Cemetery

Location:  65 Sylvan Street, Danvers, MA

Hours:  Daily, Dawn-Dusk

Handicap Accessible: Access roads are paved


Annunciation Cemetery:  

Location:  155 Hobart Street, Danvers, MA

Hours:  Daily, Dawn-Dusk

Handicap Accessible: Access roads are paved

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  1. Plantings should be within the one foot boundary of the stone and in the front only as the back belongs to a different family. Please note any planting on the back of the stone will be removed and disposed of after Memorial weekend unless it is removed by the person who planted them. It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to water the plants and keep them healthy. We appreciate the removal of any withered plants by the person who planted them.
  2. Grading, planting of trees, or other ornamentation of lots and graves are prohibited, without the consent of the superintendent. In the event that permission is given for the planting of evergreens, the certificate holder will be responsible for their appearance. Please note that at no time will they be allowed to grow higher than the monument, or to infringe on adjacent lots.
  3. No steps, curbing or other enclosure around any grave or lot is allowed.
  4. No items such as clothes or big toys (i.e. trucks..) are allowed near the grave site. If you have any such items placed near the grave of a loved one please remove them as soon as possible.  

 We appreciate your cooperation while we are trying to improve the appearance of our Cemeteries.




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