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Helpful links and information for parishioners

What to expect when attending Mass:
1Video link from the Archdiocese on re-opening the church for Mass.

2) Plan for resuming Mass Safely


*Latest COVID-19 Update:

Thanks to all of our volunteers and the cooperation of our parishioners we are able to hold Mass in our church for the 17th consecutive weekend. Adhering to the safety protocols laid out by the state of Massachusetts and the Archdiocese of Boston allows us to ensure that our parish is as safe as possible for communal worship.
Limited space is available to attend Masses and the only way to guarantee your spot is to make advance reservations before 12pm on Saturday.  Click here  or call the rectory at  (978) 774-0340 to make a reservation.  We will make every effort to allow for walk-ins to attend Mass but advance reservations are necessary to guarantee your spot.  Please make your reservations as early as possible.
We urge our elder parishioners & parishioners with preexisting health conditions that may place them at risk, to exercise prudence & caution in their decisions about how they will participate in the Liturgy at this time. The dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation from Cardinal Sean will continue for the foreseeable future.
We will continue to live stream our daily Mass at 9am Monday through Saturday and we will livestream our Sunday Mass at 10AM on our Facebook page. (St. Mary of  the Annunciation Parish, Danvers, MA)


Click here for our latest Sunday virtual Mass.

Even though we are open for Mass weekend Mass, we respect parishioners distancing themselves for their health & safety. Parishioner Jody Meyer created this video. (Thank you Jody!) to share what parishioners have been up to during the pandemic. We hope it will bring a smile to your face and remind you that you are truly missed and loved.


A Way To Help: Thank you for all that you do for our parish. Your prayers, support, and care are crucial at this time to keep us going. We ask you to consider making a special daily commitment to St. Mary's for the next 90 days. For more details click here.


Religious Education: 

As a guide and to help with Religious Education home-schooling: click here for Resources for Prayer and Faith Formation


Click here for the Cardinal’s guide regarding the Corona Virus. 

Safe Links to learn more about the Corona Virus:

Have you tried the "Formed" app yet? With Masses being cancelled and a lot of time for isolation, now is a great time to try out the FORMED application or dig deeper into it if you've already signed up.  The “FORMED” app has been called the “Netflix for Catholics”. It has an amazing amount of Catholic content available in movies, documentaries, books, audio books and more.  To create your free account and get started click here!  

Anne Farmer, Our Director of Contemporary Choir (that plays at our 10AM Sunday Mass) recommends One Call's Social Distancing Resource Hub for daily prayer, digital tools and for music (there are even several songs here that are played at our Family Mass). 


A Communal Prayer offered by parishioner, Jody Meyer, requested to be said at 9AM daily but can be prayed anytime.  Click here for the prayer.  


Hand Washing:  One of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands properly.  Please see this video for proper hand washing techniques:



Email Warning: 
Please be aware that there have been some phishing and spoofing emails received by our staff.  We want to warn you to be aware of fraudulent emails asking for information, favors, money or gifts from St Mary's.  Please click here for a cautionary advisory.



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