Service Day Dream Team 2017 Summary

Day of Service , November 4th, 2017

Our parish family came together for a Day of Service to help our neighbors.  For those of you who prayed for a safe and successful day, thank you, our prayers were answered ten fold! For those of you who happily baked and provided nourishment to all those involved, we thank you for sending us out with energy to burn! Thank you to the 25 households that took a chance on us raking their leaves, changing light bulbs, hanging curtains, cleaning gutters, cleaning out basements, washing windows, removing air conditioners and planting bulbs; we loved meeting you and working with you.  Fifty-five willing volunteers, armed with rakes, blowers, squeegees and energy to serve God’s family accomplished all of this in 8 hours. Exhausted, happy and yes, with a few blisters, everyone returned knowing they made a difference in the lives of others! Thank you all for coming together for this day. And a special thank you to HELEN CUSHMAN for leading the way!  We hope even more of you will join us next year!  The date has been set as November 3, 2017!  Click here for our photo gallery.




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